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How we are supporting and keeping our associates safe with COVID-19.

During a crisis, every business needs to demonstrate its purpose towards its employees, towards its customers, and towards its community. This fund was created to give to those experiencing financial hardship by unexpected tragedies.

Help provide a little peace of mind while a family or associate bridges that financial gap caused by unexpected tragedies.

To our friends and partners in the ecommerce and supply chain ecosystem, if you want to support these associates going through hardships, please join us in this important initiative.

By donating, this is who you will be supporting:

Hundreds of associates and their families

Thousands of small and medium-sized businesses

Millions of people purchasing essentials around the world

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Our top priority is the safety of our fulfillment center team, as they provide high-quality, uninterrupted service in the fulfillment of essential goods for millions of people in the United States and around the world.

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Required protective gear for employees within each facility

Doubled daily cleanings and disinfecting of all areas

Required Personal Protective Equipment for all visitors, vendors, contractors, carrier partners, and drivers

Required temperature checks for all visitors

Extended sick time for employees to recover from illness

What is the ShipBob Giving Fund?

The ShipBob Giving Fund ("SGF") was established to support associates working within our fulfillment center network. These associates provide the fulfillment of essential goods for millions of people across the United States and around the world.

To immediately support associates experiencing financial hardship during COVID-19 (Coronavirus), ShipBob has funded the first $20,000 and we have received another $33,235 from fellow employees, investors, and partners. This is set aside for those working through issues including schools shutting down, businesses closing, and health concerns.

This fund will remain in perpetuity long after COVID-19 to support associates who need to bridge that financial gap through extreme situations.

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Minimum Grant Size

This is the minimum each associate will be awarded upon qualification for SGF.

Current Fund Size

To support another family from losing needed resources, reach out to donate more to the fund.



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How do I qualify and apply?
Please access the application form through this page and visit here for specifics on qualification criteria.

What types of expenses are covered?
This fund provides grants going through economic hardships during unexpected crises by covering items such as medical expenses, childcare, groceries, or your rent or mortgage.

How much will you cover?
The minimum amount available for each grant is $300 and the current annual maximum amount is $1,500.

I'd like to donate. How do I help and what is the minimum?
Please access the donation form through this page. There is no minimum on donation size. In fact, a research report produced by the Annie E. Casey Foundation cited a finding that the ability to borrow $500 in an emergency can do as much to reduce hardship as tripling family income.

How will all funds and donations be used?
100 percent of donations will go to support SGF and our mission to provide assistance to associates experiencing financial hardship as a result of these unforeseen events. ShipBob covers all costs of administering the program. For any questions, please contact us at

Are donations tax deductible to the donor?
The ShipBob Giving Fund is not an IRC Sec 501(c)(3) qualified charity. Contributions to the fund are not tax deductible.  ShipBob is acting as a conduit for donors to make “gifts” to impacted ShipBob employees.  Generally, donors can give up to $15,000 to any individual without creating a tax filing obligation, though we recommend speaking with your tax advisor.

Are grants received by the ShipBob Associates tax-exempt?
Yes, payments from the fund will not be taxable to the beneficiary. Please consult your tax advisor for further questions.

For additional information on the ShipBob Giving Fund, please visit our overview page.

Monitor and follow all official guidance from the CDC, WHO, US Department of State, and local health agencies.

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